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readergirlz Mission Statement:

To champion teen literacy and corresponding social service.

Launched in March 2007, in celebration of Women's National History Month, readergirlz is the foremost online book community for teen girls, led by five critically acclaimed YA authors - Dia Calhoun (Avielle of Rhia), Holly Cupala (Tell Me a Secret), Lorie Ann Grover (Hold Me Tight), Justina Chen (North of Beautiful), and Melissa Walker (Lovestruck Summer). readergirlz is the recipient of a 2007 James Patterson PageTurner Award, and the 2009 National Book Foundation's Innovations in Reading Prize.

To promote teen literacy and leadership in girls, readergirlz features a different YA novel and corresponding community service project every month. Twice a year, they hold special literacy projects, including Operation Teen Book Drop, which has donated 20,000 new YA books to hospitalized teens.

Our mission is to champion teen literacy and corresponding social service. Does that mean we are teaching teens to read? It could! Who knows what our next special project will unveil.

Generally though, we use the term "literacy" in a broader sense. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has created a definition for literacy: "the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, compute and use printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. Literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to achieve their goals, to develop their knowledge and potential, and to participate fully in their community and wider society."

You might also ask if the social service is performed by rgz as a nonprofit organization or by teens. We answer, both! This is a community where we encourage each other to read, reflect, and reach out. You'll find everyone giving back in some capacity.

Read the readergirlz manifesta.

How Do We Choose Books?

This is a question often asked of the divas. How are books chosen to be featured? Let us give you a rundown. Here are our lines of input:

- Everyone on the rgz team is busy reading year round.

- In December, our postergirlz individually submit their top ten reads of the year to the divas.

- Throughout the months, the postergirlz also alert us the minute they finish a most amazing book.

- Mitali Perkins, our rgz SCOUT, watches the reviews of the most current titles, and she has those works sent to the divas ASAP.

- The rgz Street Team posts their reviews.

- The rgz SALON contributes from their reads.

- The divas watch the blog comments to see what our rgz are talking about and recommending themselves. Considering all the above, the divas select books that reflect strong female protagonists. We make every effort to represent a broad perspective:

* multicultural titles,
* various socioeconomic circumstances
* the overlooked, quiet literary works, and
* the commercial successes that everyone is excited about.

- We then reach out to see if an author's schedule can accommodate the rgz monthly commitment.

- Once the features are booked, the postergirlz are alerted, and collectively they work to suggest the most excellent companion reads to equally accompany the feature. They always include a non-fiction title as well in their monthly recommended reads.

That's pretty much the process. A beautiful synergy to bring you the very best in young adult literature!

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